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Set up Automatic Withdrawals from your bank acount

Great Reasons to Give Online

1. If you do your banking online and pay your bills on line, like many people do today, you won’t have to remember your checkbook to give to God. You can simply give it online.
2. If you don’t use checks anymore, because you use your debit card for everything, you can give online, because waiting for the
church to get debit machines on the back of the pews is going to be a really long wait!
3. You can set up a regular deduction which really is a faith gift to God.
4. You can continue to give regularly even when you can’t make it to church or you are on vacation.
5. You can simplify your life and simplify our bookkeeping.
6. If you don’t attend First Baptist Church of Fair Oaks, but would like to support the ministry, this is a great way to do it.

Can I give using my credit card?
Yes – however – please do NOT give using your credit card if you don’t pay off your balance every month. Giving to God is an offering of our money, not your banks! Please do not go into debt giving any money to this church or any other ministry.

What are my online giving options?
We have two common options for you, and a third option is going through your banks online system.

1. Can you use your debit card or credit card (please refer to the above question) and donate using Paypal on this page below.

2. You could also set up automatic withdrawals (EFT's) from one of your bank accounts. This is the best option for our church since there is very little or no fees subtracted from your donation. Form to set up Electronic Fund Transfer

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